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Quinn’s blog

Quinn’s Blog! Written by: Quinn walling The date today is 7/16/2018 2 days ago, we were at an anchorage. In the morning we just got up and started to go to Sant Elmo, but it was jam packed, so we went to go to another anchorage. When we got there, we went swimming. After swimming […]

Quinn blog

Mallorca, Spain The date is 6/19/18 By Quinn Walling So, we have been in Mallorca for 2 whole weeks. It is amazing. It has a church that has been there for 800 years, crazy right? Eventually we got our bikes out. It took a while to get all the rust and salt off, but we […]

Gherty blog

Mallorca, Spain 6-19-18       Gherty’s blog three old and cool places Even though this isn’t the first thing we did I’m going to start with it. It is when we went on a carriage ride (with a horse) around the cathedral (for some of that don’t know a cathedral is a giant church) […]

Che blog

Mallorca Spain Date: unknown. Today I am going to talk about this amazing place called Spain! not a long time ago we Took a carriage ride with a guy named Manolo and the horse is named Vicky. Vicky had brown skin, caring eyes, and long mane. The ride was amazing, looking at all the buildings […]

Gherty’s Zoo Report

The Zoo We went to the Zoo De Martinique! It was awesome, and this is why. When we went to the zoo we saw some amazing animals. Three I will tell you about including the jaguar, the caiman, and the wallaby. I was so excited to see the jaguar, so I have to tell you […]

Animal report on Zoo De Martinique

By: Quinn walling Saturday, February 9, 2018 Hi, I’m Quinn and yesterday I went to the Zoo De Martinique. So, I picked three of the coolest animals there. It was hard because there were some cool animals there, so I just picked three. These animals are the following: Red handed tamarin, black jaguar, and the […]

Gherty’s blog

Today we are in Bequia and we are having pancakes and bacon for breakfast. Before we got here to Bequia we saw WHALES!!!!!!! I didn’t think we would see them this far south. Also, when we were leaving Grenada we were sitting on the bow and there was a WHALE!!!! Unfortunately, no one else saw […]

Quinn’s blog

Quinn’s blog BY QUINN WALLING Date: 1/27/18 Yesterday we saw some what we think were Minke whales. Yesterday we went from Canuan to Bequia, Admirality bay. Today it’s time for breakfast which is bacon and pancakes. I don’t know what we are doing after that. I hope we are doing something fun. Yesterday I think […]

Che blog 7/19

We went to Atlantis and went on these crazy slides! The slides that I went on were the challenger slide,serpent slide and another one that is very fun to ride on. After we stayed there for a couple days we sailed to chub key and met some new friends. There was a swimming pool where […]