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My School Shirt

We finally had the first zoom call. Not finally as ‘I couldn’t wait for it’, but finally as ‘It’s been a while since our last one last year’. One thing I should mention would be the fact that only Che brought a USL shirt… and I didn’t even have a collared shirt. Not to worry we […]

First Sail by Che Walling

After a year of being on land, away from the gentle breeze and crystal-clear waters, we started prepping for our very first sail. We left the marine and waved goodbye to Trogir. Trogir was quite different from all the other places we have been to. Usually the places that have been in war are incredibly […]

The Greek Play

by Quinn Walling We hustled around the boat getting ready to see the Greek play, Le Troiane. We had been to the Greek theater before with the Ruggieri family, but not to see a play. Anyways, this time we were going there to see the play Le Troiane. We didn’t know if we could do […]

Volcanic Surprises

So let me just start by saying exploding volcanoes are awesome! So we were at Taormina and not to far from our boat was a volcano called Etna. And Dad was sitting in the cockpit and suddenly looked over and saw red clouds coming from Etna. He called us out and we started seeing a […]