Very Hot Days and Italian Food by Quinn

We woke up and Dad gave us chocolate croissants. I naturally woke up way before Gherty and Che, so I had lots of time to read and chill. Once everyone was up and had eaten breakfast, we went clothes shopping. Dad had promised me a Champion® hoodie, so we went to a store that said they had Champion® clothes. It only had a peach hoodie and a light blue one. Gherty got the light blue one and then Mom and Dad realized it was 90 euro after they bought it. So, I didn’t get one, and Gherty, who has like 10 hoodies already, got one. We also bought a bunch of pants and stuff.

After that whole thing, we went to a cathedral, and being the saint I am, I donated 2 euro to the poor. We weren’t allowed to take pictures of the inside, so I can’t really show you it, but I’ll try to explain it. On the inside, we lit candles and explored. We saw lots of pictures of saints, Mary, and Jesus. On the roof there were a bunch of pictures of angels and stuff. The thing is, the church could only be about 60 years old because there was a rector scale level 6.8 earthquake about 65 years ago that destroyed all but two buildings.

After the cathedral, we went to lunch at Alestra, which is an Italian restaurant in Zante. We all had amazing meals and good drinks. Gherty, Che, and I got a mocktail. Gherty and I got chicken sandwiches which were really good, Mom got gnocchi and something else, Dad got a chicken Caesar salad, and Che got some random thing. We decided that we were going to come back for dinner.

It was just about 105 degrees, so we went back to the boat and sweated. Mom did her financials, Dad looked at Facebook and stuff, Che chatted with his friend Carys, and Gherty and I both read. We just chilled doing stuff like that at the boat for a while.

Zante, Zakinthos

We then went to the same restaurant as we did for lunch. We all ate a Caesar salad and Gherty and I got spaghetti. Mom got a burrata pizza which we all tried. Dad got a mushroom pizza. I don’t remember what Che ate but I’m sure it was good.

That’s all for now, Quinn.

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  • Wendy says:

    Lots of good food I see, yummy.
    So not fair that it was you specifically that wanted a champion hoodie and didn’t get one and Gherty has millions ?, whoops I meant to put this ?.
    That church sounded pretty beautiful but such a shame no photos are allowed.
    Safe and fun travels. Miss you ❤️

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