Volcanic Surprises

So let me just start by saying exploding volcanoes are awesome! So we were at Taormina and not to far from our boat was a volcano called Etna. And Dad was sitting in the cockpit and suddenly looked over and saw red clouds coming from Etna. He called us out and we started seeing a line of lava coming down. Quickly Mom and I ran to get our cameras. But for some reason mine wasn’t working (I think it was almost dead) but Mom took some amazing pictures on hers. It was very hard to take good pictures on her camera but we got some pretty good ones and some great ones.

The next night was the same except much longer and in the morning it actually snowed. Can you believe it, steaming hot lava in the night and snow in the morning!? Thankfully as far as we know it didn’t go down far enough to reach the town. Also right before all this excitement happened we were up there with our friends! We called them because they weren’t with us and they watched it to. It was so exciting and black clouds above it made shapes while we were watching.

Stay tuned, Gherty Walling

P.s. Quinn also fell it to the water a couple days after that. On a very windy day at a marina… but he said it felt awesome! ?

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