A Flooded Moon by Quinn Walling

So, where did I leave off? Oh yeah! We woke up the next day and did some boat work. When we finished we were kicked out of the marina (because we didn’t wanna pay for another day). We then started sailing.

We sailed for a good three to four hours, and finally made it to our destination. The moon. Ok, it wasn’t actually the moon, but it sure looked like it. There were a ton of barren islands where the only vegetation was moss and some bushes. We anchored right next to one of the islands and just chilled for the rest of the day.

    Eventually, we tried to go hiking. Even after two hours, the dinghy’s motor wouldn’t start! Well, it would start, but only for about five seconds at a time. It finally started and everyone cheered! But it slowly started going down… After five minutes, it stopped and everyone was sad. After that, Mom and Dad took a break with the dinghy.

Mom did the laundry and ran the washing machine. That brings us to right now, where I’m writing my blog, Gherty is reading a book that her friend Kit is writing, and Che is reading.

That’s all for this blog! Quinn, Out!

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