Whales and Ancient Olympia by Quinn

I woke up right when we started leaving the town key. I ate a hot croissant and read for a little bit. Not much happened, I just read and did stuff like that. Suddenly, while writing this blog, I heard Dad yell “WHALES!” I rushed upstairs and saw small dorsal fins attached to some 20-foot-long Cuvier’s beaked whale. Dad woke Gherty up and we all watched them fish. We started to get closer, and Mom took expert pictures of them.

After that, we were getting pretty close to Olympia. We anchored there and saw tons of jellyfish in the water. We decided that we were too hot to go to ancient Olympia just yet but we would in about a quarter of an hour. Dad went to the customs thing to show them our boat documents and travel log I think. Mom rented a car while Gherty, Che and I had cold drinks.

We started driving and for some reason I had to it in the middle. It was about a 30 minute drive and it was ok. Once we got there, we went to a museum about the ancient Olympics. We heard from a French guy that there were VR headsets that showed you the ancient Olympics and all the buildings and stuff. Mom got 5 of them while the rest of us did the museum. After that, we walked to the ruins of where they used to hold the Olympics. The VR headsets had a map at the bottom and when you got to certain places (example: the gymnasium) they would have the old buildings and usually an interactive thing to do (example: train athletes).

We explored Olympia for about 2 hours and then went back to return the headsets to the guy next to the church. I was starving and hot, so we got some cold drinks. I was still starving. We did the 30 minute ride back to the boat and we were walking up to our dinghy when we saw a dead eel in the water. Anywayssss, we got back to the boat and I realized we had no snack food. I impatiently waited for dinner which was hamburgers and we all watched a movie and relaxed.

The Temple of Zeus
This was the tunnel all athletes ran through into the stadium to a roar of 45,000!

That’s all, stay tuned I guess, Quinn.

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  • Wendy says:

    No way were you impatient while waiting for dinner!!!
    Those whales were so cool, what a wonderful surprise and Mum did take some amazing pictures.
    Great blog, keep them coming.
    Miss you ❤️

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