Monthly Archives: August 2016

No storm but Art

Todos bien. We’re all good.  Storms are either fizzling or whipping up the Atlantic far far away. This crew is at ease in so many ways. I dove and reattached the bow thruster hull plate yesterday. Done. Chased wires to find the cause of the windlass failure. A tiny cut in the hot brown wire […]

Bienvenidos Gaston…maybe

Here we go. It’s getting to the meaty part of hurricane season where every “invest” by NOAA is a potential LO worth investigating. There is a formula to this as tropical waves roll off of Africa’s west coast and IF the Sahara dust is light and IF there are sea surface temps conducive to LO […]

Grinding it out…getting close

Kelly and I are sleeping well. Deep, exhausted sleep. The kind where I only wake up when my arm is completely numb and bloodless because I’ve passed out on it and have to drag it out from under me with my other arm to get the feeling and movement back. My own personal coyote mornings. […]

Tio Pepe (aka Uncle Joey) esta aqui!

This has been a great week! So much for our sailing adventure. Looks like we’re Puerto Rican locals now. OK, so there’s lots of room for improvement with our Spanish speaking but we are getting better and its fun. Uncle Joey joined us last week. We took the entire day to visit Old San Juan, […]