Monthly Archives: June 2021

Old Friends, Bees and Odysseus

South of Corfu lie two true gems of the Ionian, Paxos and her baby sister Andipaxos. After 2 days swinging safely in a mild gale on the northwest corner of Corfu we were “free” to explore these islands we’ve read about. Lakka, Paxos is astounding. We’d not seen water this vibrant since the Caribbean. Sure, […]

Dawn Patrol. Greece at Last.

Leaving Montenegro for Greece seemed a simple proposition on paper. We had a 23 hour overnight hop down the Albanian coast in store and knew we needed to stay clear of their territorial waters because of security and COVID restrictions in Greece. So, it was 12 miles or more offshore and a straight shot. The […]

Red Left Returning

The first time we sailed to Montenegro was 2 years ago on our way up the Adriatic. We crossed from the east coast of Italy’s boot heel with few preconceptions other than knowing it was a part of former Soviet Yugoslavia and was yet to be admitted to the EU so we could clear in […]

The Cats of Kotor by Quinn

When we first anchored at Kotor, Montenegro, we had no idea just HOW MUCH these people worshipped the stray cats in their streets, and just cats in general. At every shirt and trinket shop there were tons of things with cats all over them. But of course, Mom immediately thought, “Let’s go for an uphill […]

Leaving Croatia. Really.

Leaving Croatia was hard.  Emotionally, and then, actually.  Customs and immigration was right across the harbor in Dubrovnik.  We had stayed over fifteen days in Croatia so the kids would not be subjected to another Covid test prior to entry into Montenegro.  Documentation in hand, kunas depleted, Justin arrived and the rest of us waited […]