Monthly Archives: July 2019

Broken Ribs, Landmines and Movie Stars

There are moments in every journey where you think: I am tired.  You make silly mistakes, like shallow stepping onto a dinghy and finding yourself in the water instead of in the boat.  You accept ridiculous fates, like assuming that any and every key component of your home aboard will break just as you need […]

Getting the Anchor Set for the Last Time

One week until home, one night until the marina, three night until the hotel. That’s our plan for today, Tuesday. Last time anchoring and jumping off the boat. Last time yelling back and forth from the other side of the boat. Wait never mind that happens when we’re docking too. Last time for Mom and […]

The Last Day on Anchor

By: Quinn Walling Today is the last day on this trip we will have at anchor for at least half a year. ?. Tomorrow we will go to a marina and stay there for two days. But today I will tell you about what we did. So, I will tell you what we did today: we […]

Thorns and Caves

Haven’t written anything for the last two weeks (by the way we were banned from the rest of the trip). That was a big mistake because as soon as I got to my home screen it started spamming me with updates, offers, and other wonderful things I could care less for. Anyways I am going […]

Prickly Bushes and Cliffs.

So first off, we’re in Croatia and we decided to “walk” up a mountain. Great idea, right? And another thing is that this is when Lisa and Brandon (our neighbors)  came so we decided to “walk” up a mountain with them. Then Dad brought us over to the land because we were on the boat. […]

Caves and Landmines

By: Quinn Walling We had an idea to walk up a mountain. At the time we did not know how tiring it would be. It was a long walk with many views along the way, and mountain around us. The walk was about 1 hour thirty minutes, I think. Anyways we were trying to get […]

I want to go to that!

Every family has their quirky unique sayings that are odd but fitting for them. With our Madame Geneva crew we have travelled and seen a castle on a hill or a distant cove or island and said ” I want to go to that.” I’m thinking this morning about yet another Fourth of July flying […]