Monthly Archives: September 2016

Sitting in limbo

Nanny Cay, Tortola, BVI…our new home. This is where we waited while Kelly flew home, this is where we’re waiting while Tropical Storm Matthew buzzes by directly south of us.  It’s grey and windy (25-30 with gust to 40 knots) but that’s all. Nothing scary. Manageable. Canvas is secured, sails wrapped tightly, all dock lines […]

Lucky Boy

Happy 10th birthday Che! It’s amazing that ten years have gone by since Kelly brought you home. I remember wedging your pack and play crib between the settees below on my J35, Pagan, and watching you roll to the low side as we tacked upwind. You are more of a sailor than you know!   […]

English Cinnamon

The British Virgin Islands are not for everyone.  You need a tough skin to get past a snide Customs, who may or may not grant you your requested thirty days, and who may or may not be serious when they tell you that you need to pay them fifty cents.  But once you get your […]

Home Alone

We’re currently lying in Nanny Cay, Tortola, BVI. Got a sparkling new Yamaha 8 hp 2 stroke that smokes, runs on gas and oil and WORKS! Very happy about that. Now I’m trying to figure out what to do with the dead puppy- all 115 lbs of him. Our bartender at the beach bar said […]

Life is but a dream…

Mr Robinson, a day late and then several hours late, then a day late, said “uncle”, wouldn’t accept any money and dropped the dead puppy off on our dock. Red Hook was fun. Lots to eat and provisions bountiful. We were “those people” and took a cab to Sugar Bay Resort, had a few drinks […]

New Puppy

We woke up today to a beautiful morning in Maho Bay, St John after a forecast “breezy with a 70% chance of showers” day yesterday. Actually gusts from Invest92 blowing in the mid to high 30’s with several inches of rain to wash the salt off MG as well as her crew. A very sporty […]

Vieques to Culebra to St Thomas to St John

So clearly, we got a bit behind on our log here…but sometimes that happens when you are setting off to avoid complete solitude, vulnerability, excess seediness and find yourself instead settling amongst the sea turtles, boobies, and gorgeous coral reefs. We left our lovely serene anchorage in Vieques mainly because we were the only ones […]