Hydra and Shopping by Quinn

We woke up and we started to head over to a town called ‘Ydra’, not ‘Hydra’, ‘Ydra’. It’s pronounced Hydra though. It was about a 5 hour sail and once we got there, we saw that boats were literally anchoring on top of each other and it was complete mayhem. So we went about 3 bays over and it was really calm. We all took showers and then we called a water taxi to come get us and bring us to the main town. 

Once we got to the town we decided to chill at a restaurant for about 5 hours which was nice. We got milkshakes and read. We decided that now we were going to go shopping for a while. Mom stopped every 3 feet to go into a shop. It was really boring. One of the shops we were at was called the donkey and the cat or something like that. It had some cool homemade shirts and stuff and we shopped there for a little bit. There were mules at most places that were carrying bags or people. They all looked really funny. 

After shopping, we took another, much faster, water taxi back to the boat and it was really fun. We chilled on the boat for a while and ate dinner. Then we went to sleep. When we woke up we decided we were going 15 miles to a place called something. We got to the town key and docked. Right now, we are just chilling on the boat and probably getting lunch soon as it is 12:58

Stay tuned, Quinn

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