Monthly Archives: July 2018

Adios Mallorca

I awoke today in flat calm Porto Colom to Kelly sneaking about, engine running, making last minute preparations to slip the mooring lines and cast off. She had Madame Geneva all set and said, “I got this”. I lurched out of bed to see that she did, so she finished her routine, cast off the […]

Quinn’s blog

Quinn’s Blog! Written by: Quinn walling The date today is 7/16/2018 2 days ago, we were at an anchorage. In the morning we just got up and started to go to Sant Elmo, but it was jam packed, so we went to go to another anchorage. When we got there, we went swimming. After swimming […]

Doing What We Can, When We Can

Justin first saw the juvenile seagull floating nearby Madame Geneva.  We were anchored outside the seawall of Port de Alcudia, having picked up our friend the evening before.  Suzanne and I had already taken a swim.  The sun was still low and held the water captive with a fine sparkle of light, interrupted only by […]

My Lady of Spain

We have been off the grid for another month now. We’ve made fresh water from sea water nearly every night to drink, shower and wash dishes. We’ve generated our own power, grilled our food and entertained ourselves over family Yahtzee, backgammon, books on tape and movies. Laundry gets washed aboard and wet swimsuits and towels […]