Monthly Archives: August 2020

Brijuni by Che Walling

The last two days have been incredible! We left Pula for a different place to explore, and we found one named Brijuni. There was a big seawall, guarding a crescent-shaped bay and we found a spot to tie up. It is very hot in the boat, so Mom and Dad looked on their phones for […]

Traveling through Time

I think the kids are having a slightly different experience than we are.  Upon leaving the church bell tower in Rab, with its myriad of steps, then ladders, to arrive at a view only afforded in most people’s imagination, Quinn asked Justin, “How many throws do you think it would take you to get a basketball […]

My School Shirt

We finally had the first zoom call. Not finally as ‘I couldn’t wait for it’, but finally as ‘It’s been a while since our last one last year’. One thing I should mention would be the fact that only Che brought a USL shirt… and I didn’t even have a collared shirt. Not to worry we […]

A Sheep on the Moon

I woke up during the gloaming before dawn to check the anchor and battery levels as I often do and stumbled up into the cockpit. As the haze cleared in my brain I panned our surroundings and remembered that we had somehow sailed Madame Geneva to the middle of a vast desert that had been […]