Biking and Paragliding by Quinn

I woke up and read for a little bit. Once everyone was up, I asked Mom if she could get us croissants. She said yes and went to go get them. While she was out she found a bike place that was about to close. She rented 5 bikes and we ate our breakfast quickly. Once we were done, we got to the bikes and got ready for our adventure. Mom found a beach so we started heading that way.

There were a lot of hills that were really annoying, but we made it. Once we were there we all got beach chairs and relaxed. Eventually, Gherty, Che and I went swimming to cool off. It was a lot of fun but the water was kind of murky. Once we swam we relaxed for a while, and then went to go get lunch. 

We found a really cool little place with really nice people. Mom said we could get anything we wanted so Gherty, Che and I all got banana pancakes with Nutella. Mom got a burger and Dad got a club sandwich. We stayed at the restaurant for a while before Mom remembered the tubes that we saw in the the water. We also saw some paragliding, so Gherty and I checked the place out. They said that we were allowed to paraglide, but we had to do it together. We ran back to Mom, Dad and Che excitedly and told them the good news. 

After Mom finished her wine, we all went back to the place and we asked to pay so Gherty and I could paraglide. Mom paid and we all got on the motorboat. Dad said that it’s really cool when you see the parachute fill up with air and fly into the sky so we all watched. Gherty and I got harnesses on and the man told us to go to the back of the boat and he clipped us on. He told us to sit down, so we did that too. He started releasing the parachute from the boat and it was insane! We lifted off and I yelled, “YOLO” while Gherty did something. After a few minutes, when we were a few hundred feet high, I let go and held my hands up. Gherty did it afterwards but I’m much more epic because I did it first. It was really fun and we stayed in the sky for about 10 minutes before he started lowering us into the water. Once our feet were in, he pulled the ropes so we went back in the sky. Later, we realized Dad told him to do that. We stayed in the sky for about 6 more minutes before he let us down and went back to the dock. It was so much fun but all good things have to come to an end eventually. We rode back to the boat and just chilled which brings me to now, writing a blog while we’re about to go to dinner.

Stay tuned, Quinn

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