Monthly Archives: July 2021

You Won’t Believe This!

It’s May 30th, rewind 42 days on this adventure, we sailed from Milna, Croatia just 20 miles down the cost to Luka Vrboska on the northern coast of Hvar. We had sailed to Milna to buy a new fresh water pump after ours had exploded violently when firing up the water maker for the first […]

Hydra and Shopping by Quinn

We woke up and we started to head over to a town called ‘Ydra’, not ‘Hydra’, ‘Ydra’. It’s pronounced Hydra though. It was about a 5 hour sail and once we got there, we saw that boats were literally anchoring on top of each other and it was complete mayhem. So we went about 3 […]

Around the Peloponnese

Even the word Peloponnese is beautiful. The fingers of mainland Greece stretch deep into the sea. Voluptuous mountains of red rock and vibrant succulent plants erupt with olive trees and fall off into the deepest of blue waters. From atop her cliffs, you can see loggerheads feeding in shallow water just alongside of a 500 […]