Monthly Archives: February 2017

Guadeloupe….rolly and wonderful

Fully back into our cruising life Kelly and I awoke at 4:30 on Nevis to fire up the engine turn the brightness down on all instruments and creep out of the anchorage in pitch black headed south 80 miles to Guadalupe. We had cleared the south tip of the island before the children stirred. Quinn […]

And I love you most of all, Scarecrow

What an unsuspecting place.  Sitting on the bow of the Madame Geneva overlooking the beach with the sea’s waves and surge tantalizing the local kids, looking up at the rain forest and the deep lopsided crater of a prehistoric volcano, I have found an echo of a call I have had since childhood.  There is […]

Back at it

We woke up early yesterday in Anse du Columbier and left heading south back to Gustavia for clearing out of Saint Barts and hitting the post office for some business that needed attending to. We anchored quickly amidst the throngs of boats our size from around the world and I set off in the dinghy […]

Marigot to St Bart’s

We bid au revoir to Marigot on Sunday, having enjoyed a lovely hike to the lookout at Fort Louis.  As with all of our plans, both efficiency and direction played their parts as we headed north to go south to St. Bart’s. Quinn was quite disappointed to hear that we chose to take the long way […]

Away from the Noise

A friend recently told me that she sat down her son and told him that he had a gift, but he needed to keep it a secret. His gift was handed down from his parents and not everyone understood this gift or that it was a gift, so best to use it with caution. The […]

And You’ll Find Me at Madame Geneva

If you love something, set it free…how sweet the return.  At anchor in Marigot Bay with fresh croissants and bread delivered by dinghy, the kids are fishing as the sun slowly breaks over the mountains to the east. The water such a tender blue, it approaches sea glass green. Nearby sailboats, numerous and bobbing in […]

Location, Relatively

In a true Wallingian fashion, what started as an immersion in Puerto Rico with a departure in mid-January began instead as a diversion to the multi-cultural island of St. Martin/St. Maarten just last week. Truly, Justin did fly down to San Juan at the appointed time but his stay was rapid and filled with the […]