And You’ll Find Me at Madame Geneva

If you love something, set it free…how sweet the return. 

At anchor in Marigot Bay with fresh croissants and bread delivered by dinghy, the kids are fishing as the sun slowly breaks over the mountains to the east. The water such a tender blue, it approaches sea glass green. Nearby sailboats, numerous and bobbing in the gentle roll, are quietly awakening with fellow sailors brewing their coffee and tidying their days. 

Madame Geneva was ready for us on Tuesday. Of course, we had much to do to move on board. Firstly, we needed to relocate our vessel which sounds simple enough but rarely is. The boatyard is located on Sandy Ground, and as the name suggests is the best option for running aground. The lagoon itself is shallow and it was not recommended we attempt to maneuver through to get dockside at Simpson Bay. So instead we needed to wait for an opening at Sandy Ground Bridge to go outside and then back in through Simpson Bay Bridge. 

Not the largest opening we have gone through but at least this one goes vertical!  Memories of the not quite open railroad bridge at Mannesquan have left us more hestitating in our approach. Well, we needn’t. Aside from the hurry up (queuing) and wait, we eased through the narrow pass and made our way to sea. And lo and behold,  the 20-25 mph wind was on the nose. The swell was gentle on us though and our captain navigated an upwind motor with grace. 

We met a fellow sailor at Sandy Bottom whose boat, Lark, we have long admired in Charleston (where he took some time). He mentioned getting charged for coming through Simpson Bay. We realized that as long as you wait for the appointed openings there is no charge but if you request an opening the fee is great. So again another hurry up and wait but we were in no rush. 

We upped the kids’ allowance and put them to work scrubbing down and setting up Madame Geneva. We wiped down every surface, made up berths, stocked cabinets, and filled tanks. We had nice cocktails and took the kids swimming. We met a nice family from Belgium who were sailing over the next year to Australia. 

And when Friday came around, we were ready. We cleared back through Simpson Bay Bridge at 4pm and again set offshore. Sweet beauty of a downwind sail!  Justin let out the jib and we were cruising at 9 knts!  The kids settled quickly into their usual routines. 

Barely away from the bay, we saw this…

In case you are not sure what you are seeing, that is a sinking ship. Clearly they were fortunate in their location and that there were other boats around!  

Our sail was luckily quite the contrary. 15-20 and a smooth passage; just one tack and we were in Marigot Bay. We set our anchor and all went swimming. 

And when the day ended, the moon rose over the mountains. And well there is just no telling of all this without making you all wish you were here. 

So now the captain is telling me he is inspired as he is reading through a cruising guide to these islands…and I must go and see about that. 

Much love and stay tuned. 

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