Away from the Noise

A friend recently told me that she sat down her son and told him that he had a gift, but he needed to keep it a secret. His gift was handed down from his parents and not everyone understood this gift or that it was a gift, so best to use it with caution. The gift was sarcastic wit. 

Justin and I watch our kids and see what traits we pass and hope for the best. Our greatest reactions come when we see the spirit rise in them similar to ours. The defiance, the rebellion and our adultlike desire to stop that in its tracks…the constant struggle of guidance, independence, individuality, greatness and compassion. How do these all exist and press into our worlds and allow us still the room?

So when Justin sat down in the cockpit yesterday and began to sketch and paint…

And Quinn quietly gets out a paper and pencil (and some binoculars for accuracy) and begins describing the world through his eyes, it is hard not to feel the pride. Like father, like son. 

I awoke at day break today and brewed my coffee and stepped up into the cockpit. The breeze has died down significantly and today we will set sail for St Bart’s. We have some immediate designs on these lower lesser Antilles including a stay in Antigua. We will however come back this way soon. 

Quinn followed me above, to finish his sketch. The hardest part was the mast, he said. 

Stay tuned and much love. 

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