Monthly Archives: July 2016

Che blog 7/19

We went to Atlantis and went on these crazy slides! The slides that I went on were the challenger slide,serpent slide and another one that is very fun to ride on. After we stayed there for a couple days we sailed to chub key and met some new friends. There was a swimming pool where […]

Gherty’s blog 7/19

We went to a camp called Jungle Island, when we were in Miami! On the first day of Jungle Island camp we got a Jungle Island camp hat, bag, and 2 Shirts. There were parrots everywhere! We went to the beach everyday! When we were going somewhere I found a big parrot feather! We also […]

Bienvenidos a Miami!!!

What a contrast. Easy Gulf Stream crossing to Mia Marina in the heart of downtown. High rise skyscrapers all around the basin. Miami has a beat, a pulse. There is always music somewhere nearby. The marina has live bands at night and restaurants, daiquiri bars and free water! Madame Geneva is clean- a big deal- […]

Chub Cay…take two

When we left Nassau with Chub Cay on our minds, we thought of the little isle as a slight mass of land where we could safely toss an anchor and remove ourselves from the roll of the Tongue of the Ocean (compelling, no?).  We provisioned in Nassau by way of taking a taxi out of Paradise Island […]

Dependent’s Day

Some things we’ve experienced thus far I could have predicted. Others I would have hoped would happen. Some, there is no way I could have called. The children are boat kids. They have the same issues as all of the other kids do. They fight, they get tired, they break. Same as at home. Same […]