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The Voyage

While Mom and Dad were finishing up the little details, Quinn, Gherty, and I were catching animals and enslaving them in a blue bucket. We caught ten shrimp, two crabs, and one fish. What fun! We were going to leave in ten or fifteen minutes, so we had to hurry up and let them go. The […]

Horseback Riding

By Che walling I had never experienced what is was like to ride a horse. But as soon as I did, I loved it. Before all this happened, Dad, Gherty, and I were trying to get a cab to the horseback riding place. Soon we found a taxi, and the taxi driver took us to […]

Che blog

Mallorca Spain Date: unknown. Today I am going to talk about this amazing place called Spain! not a long time ago we Took a carriage ride with a guy named Manolo and the horse is named Vicky. Vicky had brown skin, caring eyes, and long mane. The ride was amazing, looking at all the buildings […]

Che blog 7/19

We went to Atlantis and went on these crazy slides! The slides that I went on were the challenger slide,serpent slide and another one that is very fun to ride on. After we stayed there for a couple days we sailed to chub key and met some new friends. There was a swimming pool where […]

Che blog 6/15

Today, June fifteenth we are in Spanish Cay!  Second day we went snorkeling.  I loved it.  I saw 2 baby baracudas.  They were following us!  When we just got at the marina there were lots of sharks everywhere!! When we ran out of gas (in the motor) [not exactly…] Dad had to paddle all the […]

Che blog

We saw manatees. They were gray and black. Dad made us a ladder(out of string) so we did not have a hard time getting of the boat. By the time he was done with the ladder ,i saw seven manatees!! Mom said,”please read a book while i was in the shower”. i don’t want to […]

Che blog

today June ninth. We were fishing for fish and crabs by net. I caught a crab, fish and puffer fish. My sister caught jacks. i really wanted to use the fishing pole. But i couldn’t because my sister was using it. i saw a huma-huma nuca aba! Isaw a baby pigeon. The grown up […]