Che blog 7/19

We went to Atlantis and went on these crazy slides! The slides that I went on were the challenger slide,serpent slide and another one that is very fun to ride on. After we stayed there for a couple days we sailed to chub key and met some new friends. There was a swimming pool where Gherty rescued a tern because it had fallen in another layer of the pool. I spotted a lemon shark! It was super fun there and the other places we have been. We went to cat key were dad dove down to get an amazing star fish that was ten feet deep! At some point we went to a place where we signed up to go to jungle island. Their were Lots of animals that I have never seen. We had lots of fun. Wendy came and she said” she liked choppy waves or other things.” Anyway, we went sailing in ten foot waves!!!! Now we are in a hotel and have fun at some points. I love this place and our trip.

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