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My School Shirt

We finally had the first zoom call. Not finally as ‘I couldn’t wait for it’, but finally as ‘It’s been a while since our last one last year’. One thing I should mention would be the fact that only Che brought a USL shirt… and I didn’t even have a collared shirt. Not to worry we […]

Volcanic Surprises

So let me just start by saying exploding volcanoes are awesome! So we were at Taormina and not to far from our boat was a volcano called Etna. And Dad was sitting in the cockpit and suddenly looked over and saw red clouds coming from Etna. He called us out and we started seeing a […]

The Striped Dolphins

By: Gherty Walling On the 22-hour trip we took we saw about 30 striped dolphins!!!!! It was so cool. One of the many reasons why it was so cool was because they would jump all the way out of the water! Dad took that picture on his phone. Quinn said it looks like the cover […]

22 Hours of Sailing

by Gherty As you can see by the title, we spent 22 hours sailing here. By the way here is Cala Teulera, Menorca. But before we got here, we saw some really cool dolphins that would jump all the way out of the water!!! They were called Short-Beaked Common Dolphins. They were also really small. […]

Roman Ruins

By: Gherty Walling There are so many roman ruins here in Tarragona you couldn’t believe it! Not even a block from our apartment there’s a ruin. Also, there’s a big 20-foot column in the middle of a town square and next to a big cathedral there was a big crumbled building that was being redone. […]