Google Forms by Gherty Walling

I really hope nobody’s taking me seriously when I write my answers in google forms. When teachers ask you a question it just feels so different then when you see a question in google forms. I mean I held myself back sometimes. But what do they expect when they ask you to put a would you rather after they put would you rathers? Do they expect a thoughtful, nice, non-deadly would you rather? At least I put would you rather know you’re going to die the next day or not know and have it just happen at a random time. That’s not as bad as Che’s would you rather die or live. I don’t know what Quinn did. Just wanted to mention that they asked for a song that should go on the middle school playlist. If you think I did some entirely normal song that I don’t know, Micheal Jackson wrote. You’re half right! I may have put Eat it by Weird Al (I can’t spell his last name!). I think it would be hilarious if we were doing some project with food in it, say you had to build something, and the you heard Eat it! Just eat it! Come on to the speaker. Then the class just started eating the supplies, and it was all because of my master plan!Also she asked us what do you think when you hear the word science? First thing that came to my mind was explosions. I read a book that said these forms were to figure out if you’re a normal kid or not. So I put plants. and explosions. Because plants are normal right? Yeah, whatever. This is just the science one, we also had an over all school one. What are my academic/school year expectations? I kind of want to learn enough to make it to 8th grade, but if you want to let 7th grader compete in the pi contest that’d be great! In case you’re wondering, the pi contest is on pi day. It’s once a year and the 8th graders bring in a pie and whoever can eat it the quickest wins. Unfortunately you only get one chance. Why can’t we eat pie every year?! Anyways back to science! How do you learn best? Seeing, hearing, writing, or doing? Well, explosions… you can’t create them by seeing, hearing, or writing. So doing! There’s my logic for you. Also one question that I held myself back on was; people were to come to you about information about a topic that you know a lot about, what would that topic be? My first answer was me, then I remembered I needed them to think I was semi-normal, so they would be surprised when I brought out my master plan to DESTROY THE- wait I probably shouldn’t say this out to the internet… What I meant was my master plan to save the turtles, yes, to save the turtles.What do you hope we do in science this year? EXPLOSIONS!!!! I mean some fun project that has nothing to do with explosions. 🙁 

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  • Wendy says:

    So after all of that you want them to think you are semi normal ??!
    Fun blog but you lost me on some of it. Keep up the good work.
    Also I have never understood why we can’t have pie every day.

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