Jetlag and LOTS of Waiting by Gherty Walling

Waiting on the rental car...

The plane ride was very long and tiring but we ended up in Croatia! Before the plane ride we all sat in the car with Mom on the phone, waiting to have our test results revealed. One by one our tests came out negative and Quinn, being the last one, was so worried when they took a few milliseconds longer than the rest of us. Luckily they were all negative and we were able to get on the plane. But first we had to drop off our bags. The line was invisible, we didn’t have to wait, and it ended up taking about fifteen minutes only because we had so many bags, not because of a line. Once we dropped off the bags we went to security. Now security is usually horrible, but there being only about 200 people in the entire airport, we dropped our things in the baskets and walked through the scanner thingys. But this wasn’t the best part of security, because something amazing happened! My bag didn’t get held up! So once we were done with security, we went to find the gate. Not too much longer and we got on the plane, for a 45 minute flight. One thing I should mention is a guy two seats in front of me had an emotional support cat. By that I mean a cat that needs emotional support. Basically, the saying don’t take the cat out of the bag has been changed to don’t put the cat in the bag. This cat was meowing so loudly, and whenever the guy opened the bag a little, it stuck its head up and he had to push it back into the bag. It was hilarious. After that we were in Atlanta. For a normal EIGHT hours! We were waiting for our fight at 10:00 because our flight to Atlanta was at 1:00 because we had to get ahead of the hurricane. So we waited at the airport for eight hours, doing basically nothing. At least there was a buffet. Anyway, after that we got onto the flight and the flight was nine hours long. I watched half of Maleficent, Mistress of Evil, then fell asleep for almost five hours, getting the best rest out of everyone. Then once we got to the airport, we had to get on one more flight, which no one wanted to do as we were jetlagged. But we had to so we would make it to Split, so we did. Che slept for another hour, and I think Dad did as well, but it was a short flight and not long after we needed to get off. So we got off and needed to get our other bags so we went over to the roundabout bag thing and found out we had our own personal one. We went over to it and just grabbed all the bags off. Then we went to find a rental car. While we were walking we had to go down to get to the rental booths and they had escalator ramps. So of course we went down the up ramp, then up the down ramp, then ran down the down ramp. Mom and Dad went in the elevator because they had the cart of bags. We waited for Dad to get a car which took a while and when he finished it started raining. We couldn’t get the bags wet because of all the electronics so we waited for the rain to stop. Then we headed out to the car, just to find out how small it really was. After fitting as many bags as we could into the trunk, we started piling them on top of us in the back seat. Needless to say, the ride was very uncomfortable. Our penthouse apartment was hard to find and our small car still wasn’t small enough for the alleys of Trogir. Thankfully a nice man on a motorcycle helped us find our way to the penthouse with much less stress. When we were there we all wanted to fall down on the beds and not get up, but we had to eat so we went out and found a restaurant. Then we all came back and watched a movie on my computer. After that we slept.

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  • Wendy says:

    OMG the cat on the plane sounded hysterical, that I would have loved to have seen.
    So glad you all passed the test and no one got left behind.
    Amazed that you all got through the airports so fast with all of those bags.
    Hopefully you are all well rested and ready for your new adventures. Loved your blog, take lots of pictures.

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