Monthly Archives: February 2018

This One Goes to Eleven (.8)

At anchor in Isle des Saintes this morning, Madame Geneva spins off the tail end of her scope.  Literally.  We don’t have but three feet left of the rode that extends from the two hundred feet of anchor chain.  Surrounded by the peaks and crags of this cluster of islands, we are set in seventy-five […]

Ou Revoir Martinique

2 weeks here and we’re off at dawn for Dominica. We have a cache of school supplies we’re smuggling from Martinique to donate since the island is still reeling from September’s hurricane. We’ve heard there’s opportunities to swing a hammer and help out as well. We’re game…and have a hammer. My parents joined us for […]

Gherty’s Zoo Report

The Zoo We went to the Zoo De Martinique! It was awesome, and this is why. When we went to the zoo we saw some amazing animals. Three I will tell you about including the jaguar, the caiman, and the wallaby. I was so excited to see the jaguar, so I have to tell you […]

Animal report on Zoo De Martinique

By: Quinn walling Saturday, February 9, 2018 Hi, I’m Quinn and yesterday I went to the Zoo De Martinique. So, I picked three of the coolest animals there. It was hard because there were some cool animals there, so I just picked three. These animals are the following: Red handed tamarin, black jaguar, and the […]

This Strange and Beautiful World

Years ago, after college, it occurred to me that my idea of normal and another’s idea of normal vary, and sometimes greatly.  At the time, it was an “Ahhh” moment where I thought this person (my sister…but I am not telling which one) thinks I am not normal.  Maybe I was late in the realization […]