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The Gods Must be Crazy

We awoke early Monday morning to the violent slamming of the v-berth door.  All thought flattened, compressed and buried, and we sat up to the roll of the waves on the beam.  5:15 am and somehow daylight.  The last nights at anchor in Otranto had been mast moving and stern presenting but still somehow lulling.  […]

Can I Come Back?

“Can I come back?”  A couple months ago, after returning from our trip abroad and well into homeschooling back in Folly Beach, Quinn made an error in judgement and was promptly kicked out of school (yes, that means ‘sent to his room’).  Our session was interrupted by an airplane with those very words.  Humbled, he […]

Vieques to Culebra to St Thomas to St John

So clearly, we got a bit behind on our log here…but sometimes that happens when you are setting off to avoid complete solitude, vulnerability, excess seediness and find yourself instead settling amongst the sea turtles, boobies, and gorgeous coral reefs. We left our lovely serene anchorage in Vieques mainly because we were the only ones […]

Bienvenidos a Miami!!!

What a contrast. Easy Gulf Stream crossing to Mia Marina in the heart of downtown. High rise skyscrapers all around the basin. Miami has a beat, a pulse. There is always music somewhere nearby. The marina has live bands at night and restaurants, daiquiri bars and free water! Madame Geneva is clean- a big deal- […]