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Fringe Squirrel Press is proud to present the release of

The Story of Che by Kelly Dougherty and Justin Walling. 

Publication Date September 21, 2011

This colorful story of how a boy from Guatemala came to be part of a family in the United States is a tool to introduce the topic of adoption to adopted and non-adopted children alike.  Justin Walling chose to illustrate the family using birds of various colors, providing a platform for understanding the similarities and differences embedded in multi-cultural families.  Although not a simple story, the steady and repetitive theme of what makes a family and what children need is very simple, fundamental and true.  Songlike in its delivery, the words are softly rhymed and often repeated.

Sleeping with Steinbeck by Kelly Dougherty

Author and seasoned traveler retraces the cross-country journey of John Steinbeck and shares a refreshingly descriptive perspective of the American spirit.