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We finally had the first zoom call. Not finally as ‘I couldn’t wait for it’, but finally as ‘It’s been a while since our last one last year’. One thing I should mention would be the fact that only Che brought a USL shirt… and I didn’t even have a collared shirt. Not to worry we probably won’t need to wear USL attire! I’ll be fine! Let me check the email first… ‘Whether attending in-person or remotely, students will dress for a regular school day.’ Oh.Well, he knows we’re in Croatia and we should be fine. I’m going to check with Dad first. *A somewhat accurate version of how this conversation went. Me: “Hey Dad!” Dad: “Yes?” Me: “I don’t have any USL shirts and Mr. Kruetner says we need them for the zooms.” Dad: “How about you draw in on.” Mom: “That would be really funny.” Me: “Okay!” So then I went into my dresser and found out I have no shirts that resemble a USL shirt. Every shirt I own is the wrong color. Except, my blue rash guard with a parrot on the front of it. It’s the wrong shade of blue, but it’s close enough. I’ll just wear it backwards. (Insert intense struggle of me trying to put the swim shirt on) Maybe I should destroy this rash guard so I have something to wear for zooms! Just cut a neck hole in the back of the shirt, then make the logo. Drawing the logo took me around twenty minutes and it looked perfect from far away. Really far away. *Second somewhat accurate version of this second conversation. Me: “Hey Dad!” Dad: “Yes?” Me: “Do we have any tape?” Mom: “We should have some clear tape in my office.” Dad: “If we don’t there’s some white tape in the tool box.” Me: “Okay, thanks!” There was no clear tape. Which meant I needed to tape my wonderfully drawn school logo onto the front of my blue shirt, with the white tape. It’s going to look great… It was very obvious that it was taped on, which made it even better! I wasn’t sure you could tell it was taped on through the zoom until I got an email. “I JUST REALIZED THAT YOUR SHIRTS HAVE THE USL LOGO GLUE ONI’M DYING, HOPE YOU GET THEM EMBRODERED SOON sry for my awful spellingbye”. Yeah, so that happened. Apparently the tape used as a collar on my shirt wasn’t as obvious. Or the taped on drawn buttons. Or what was less obvious, the giant parrot on the back. 

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  • Wendy says:

    That was pretty funny and ingenious, the parrot was done very well but next time double the tape and put it under the parrot. Sorry to say that the collar was quite obvious 😂.

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