No storm but Art

Todos bien. We’re all good. 

Storms are either fizzling or whipping up the Atlantic far far away. This crew is at ease in so many ways. I dove and reattached the bow thruster hull plate yesterday. Done. Chased wires to find the cause of the windlass failure. A tiny cut in the hot brown wire powering the remote in the fore peak had slowly corroded and finally gave way. All fixed there. We can anchor again! Waterheater back working after a rather long dig under Quinn’s berth while he was sleeping. We’re done. Madame Geneva is all set to go!

We took a day trip to San Juan and spent a great afternoon at the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico. 4 floors of wide ranging art as well as a lovely sculpture garden with a giant koi pond that the kids enjoyed immensely. Yes, you could hear our excited voices echoing down the solemn marble halls and yes you could hear Kelly and I whispering urgently “boys, stop touching each other”, “don’t touch that, or that, or that”, “no running!”, “no, you can’t ‘go in’ that sculpture”. They get it though. We’re always talking about what skill and imagination it took to create the work and encouraging their art. We did a boat school art class of landscape drawing under a shade tree on the beach this week. The kids independently took some quite time to set up their easels in the cockpit and paint waterfall and flora scenes from their memory of the rainforest. I’m really feeling now that we’re done with boat projects we are getting back to the place we wanted to be.

look out Museo…here they come

thoughtfully considering graphic works of the 1970’s

Speaking of places…we are headed out this weekend. East to Vieques to kayak an epic bio bay then up to Culebra and Culebrita to explore. After that we’ll lower the Puerto Rico courtesy flag and hoist the USVI ensign. St Croix seems like it deserves a look. I’ve been looking forward to getting back to St John for quite a while now. You can see the BVI from there.

Stay tuned. Much love.

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