The Greek Play

by Quinn Walling

We hustled around the boat getting ready to see the Greek play, Le Troiane. We had been to the Greek theater before with the Ruggieri family, but not to see a play. Anyways, this time we were going there to see the play Le Troiane. We didn’t know if we could do it because we had not bought tickets beforehand. We got in the car for the ten-minute ride to Greek Theater. There was not much traffic on the ride there, so that was good. We got in a long line to get tickets, thankfully when we looked at people’s hands, not all of them had tickets. We got to the front of the line in ten to fifteen minutes, and thankfully got our tickets. We walked to the bookshop and bought three audio guides for Gherty, Che, and I. We were going to the theater to watch La Troiane when Mom spotted some cushions. She got some for us all. We went to our sector (S) and sat down. The play started! The play was cool, it had all sorts of stuff. The whole thing was amazing with lots of screaming and despair. A boy died at the end. (Ick). Well, anyhow it was a good play!

Bye! Check out Che’s blog about the theater next! Sorry for the BBBIIIGGGG delay, I didn’t have time! Stay Tuned! Bye!

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  • Wendy says:

    So glad after waiting in line you managed to get tickets. Sounds great, well except for the end when the boy died ?. Staying tuned. Much love Wendy x?

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