We Were Forced To Leave Then Come Back.. By: Quinn Walling

So, we left the Šibenik town quay after talking to the port authorities. They said we had to leave Croatia, and come back. The reason they told us this is because after eighteen months in the EU (we hadn’t been there for 18 months straight, our boat had) you have to start paying taxes.


So, we had to sail twelve miles offshore and then we could come back to Croatia. We started sailing. It was about six hours round trip. It was boring but exciting. It was exciting because it had been a while since we had done a passage that long. 

We finally went over the international border and started to go back into Croatia. When we got to the marina, Mom and Dad had to go Customs & Immagration. After a while, they came back and we docked the boat. We were all tired after a long day and decided to just go to sleep. 

Quinn, out!

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