The First Passage by Quinn Walling

Quinn underway
Quinn underway

We got into Trogir, Croatia, at around 5:00pm. We rented a car and drove to our apartment. We couldn’t find it at first, and almost got stuck in between two walls. A nice local saw us and helped us back up the car until we were out of that alley. He then told us to follow him to the apartment. After a little more trouble, we were inside the apartment. Once we were inside, the owner told us where things were, and all that stuff. The next day, we started to work on the boat.

Che, Gherty, and I just chilled at the apartment while Mom and Dad worked for the first day. The next day, everyone worked. It was pretty hot, (though not as hot as Charleston) and we were all very sweaty. The next day we worked again, but by the end of the week, she was ready. The last thing that we did was wash the boat. Madame Geneva was soo dirty. After that, we rested the rest of the day.

Finally, we could leave the marina. Dad told us that the first place we were going was only thirteen miles away! Sadly, we were going straight upwind, and we couldn’t put our sails up. About ten minutes into the trip, I made Dad stop the boat so I could jump off. I got Mom to jump off with me and we jumped straight off the bow. Once we got back on the boat, we started motoring again. A couple minutes after that, Che and Dad saw a fifty pound tuna fish jump out of the water, then, a couple seconds later, there were one foot bait fish jumping too! They stopped jumping quickly though.

We finally got to where we were going and realized that it was the wrong place (all Dad’s fault by the way). About ten minutes later, we got to the right place. Once we got there, we anchored and felt good about it. Right after we anchored, everybody got in the cold water and swam for about fifteen minutes. Dad checked the anchor and realized that only the tip of it was in the sand. Apparently, there was only an inch of sand, and our anchor was caught on a bit of rock. We moved and checked again. It was the same thing. After a few more tries, we finally found a good place in the anchorage. Our anchor was completely buried in the sand.

After that, we just chilled on the boat. Dad and I played Yahtzee and I won. We went to sleep after Mom read an Italian folktale (you know, the kind where somebody is always coated in pitch and burned at the end), and we went to sleep on that happy thought.

Well, that’s all I can really say so far. We’ll continue to write blogs to keep you all posted. Quinn, out.


  • Wendy says:

    Glad you got the anchor buried as it wouldn’t have been good if the boat floated off 😳.
    The tuna and bait sound very cool not that I would fancy swimming with them!!!
    I can’t believe that you ended up in the wrong place, glad you made it. Can’t wait to read your next blog. Miss you.

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