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A Sheep on the Moon

I woke up during the gloaming before dawn to check the anchor and battery levels as I often do and stumbled up into the cockpit. As the haze cleared in my brain I panned our surroundings and remembered that we had somehow sailed Madame Geneva to the middle of a vast desert that had been […]

First Sail by Che Walling

After a year of being on land, away from the gentle breeze and crystal-clear waters, we started prepping for our very first sail. We left the marine and waved goodbye to Trogir. Trogir was quite different from all the other places we have been to. Usually the places that have been in war are incredibly […]

Broken Ribs, Landmines and Movie Stars

There are moments in every journey where you think: I am tired.  You make silly mistakes, like shallow stepping onto a dinghy and finding yourself in the water instead of in the boat.  You accept ridiculous fates, like assuming that any and every key component of your home aboard will break just as you need […]