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The Cats of Kotor by Quinn

When we first anchored at Kotor, Montenegro, we had no idea just HOW MUCH these people worshipped the stray cats in their streets, and just cats in general. At every shirt and trinket shop there were tons of things with cats all over them. But of course, Mom immediately thought, “Let’s go for an uphill […]

Leaving Croatia. Really.

Leaving Croatia was hard.  Emotionally, and then, actually.  Customs and immigration was right across the harbor in Dubrovnik.  We had stayed over fifteen days in Croatia so the kids would not be subjected to another Covid test prior to entry into Montenegro.  Documentation in hand, kunas depleted, Justin arrived and the rest of us waited […]

A Tuba and a Naked Fisherman

We worked for it and now, finally, we are back in the groove. Our first night at anchor, truly anchored not a mooring or touristy marina, marked the start of this leg of our journey. Year 7. Leg 11. Our children have grown up aboard as have Kelly and I in so many ways. We […]

Superstition Ain’t the Way

Kelly and I have found that there is room for superstition in traveling and sailing these past 6 years. Not so much that our actions are dictated by them but more so a feeling that witch-doctory “can’t hurt and may very well help”. I wear a piece of coral Gherty gave me in key west […]

From Hvar to Lastova

Perhaps what 2020 has provided us is an opportunity to reset expectation, and to work more closely aligned with anticipation.  Expectation breeds complacency.  Anticipation allows for a delicate dance with knowledge and agility.  An expecting society struggles to see the beauty of each day, the simple appreciation of clean water, the comfort of a warm […]

Siroccos, Swans and Schnapps, Oh My!

When the wind blows from the southeast here it blows for a couple days. The Sirocco was predicted and, as predicted, creeps up slowly and steadily. You know it’s coming, but it’s coming. We shared some thoughts about weather and timing with new friends on S/Y Stella, an American woman new to sailing and her […]

Brijuni by Che Walling

The last two days have been incredible! We left Pula for a different place to explore, and we found one named Brijuni. There was a big seawall, guarding a crescent-shaped bay and we found a spot to tie up. It is very hot in the boat, so Mom and Dad looked on their phones for […]