Coliseums and Tunnels by Quinn Walling

    So, we woke up and had a nice breakfast of bacon and eggs. After breakfast, we chilled on the boat for a while. After we chilled, we decided that this day was gonna be the day that we visit the colosseum.

    We started to go towards the colosseum. It wasn’t very far from where we were and we reached it very quickly. When we got there, we paid for tickets and went inside. It was beautiful! The sixth largest roman built still standing colosseum in the world! It had a stage thing that Elton John had performed on! The Pula Film Festival starts on Saturday, but we’re leaving before Saturday. Anyways, the colosseum looked very cool. There were some ruined parts that we climbed on. It was huge and everyone loved it.

    After the colosseum, we went to the underground tunnels, built during WWI. We paid and read the sign that said that about 50,000 people could fit inside of them! At first, it looked like what I think a sewer would look like. It got a little nicer farther up. It was really cold but cool. While we were entering one of the prison cells, I stepped in gross water. My toes felt gross for the whole walk after that. There were holes in the prison cells for going to the bathroom. Afterwards, we went to the middle of the tunnels. Two of the tunnel entrances were closed off,so we had to go through the last one. It was amazing seeing all of this and we had a lot of fun. We went back to the boat and chilled after that. Well, that was kinda long. Quinn, Out!

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  • Wendy says:

    The colosseum looked amazing, I would love to see it one day.
    I can’t imagine 50,000 people being squished in those tunnels, so sad.
    Goodness only knows what grossness you stepped in, yuck.
    Great blog, peace out.

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