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Mallorca Spain

Date: unknown.

Today I am going to talk about this amazing place called Spain! not a long time ago we Took a carriage ride with a guy named Manolo and the horse is named Vicky. Vicky had brown skin, caring eyes, and long mane. The ride was amazing, looking at all the buildings and the artefacts. There were swallows diving to get the small bugs. When we were done we had lunch.

Next day we were up and about planning what to do. We finally made up our minds. We are going to go to a castle! First, we had to take a bike ride to get to the bottom of the hill. When we got there, we were ready to start hiking. It was not a steep mountain, but it was kind of hard. Surprising it did not take long. When we finally got the top of the hill we saw the castle. There was a road before the castle. We had to walk up some stairs though. We were going in, then all of the sudden we were stopped by someone. The person said we had to get tickets. Dad asked where? The person said at the bottom of the hill! We were going to start making are way down then a family said it was just by the road. We thanked them, and mom got the tickets. When we got in the castle, it was AMAZING. There were tons of cool artwork and sculptures and there are three floors. Mom and dad said we (the kids) can go and explore. While we were looking for secret tunnels, we passed a stone staircase, when we heard voices down the staircase! we finally met up with dad and mom and told them of the voices. A little while later I discovered that when you are on the second floor you can hear the people down below that are next to the staircase. Later in like an hour, we finally decided to go back to the boat, but we had to eat so we when somewhere. When we got back to the boat it was dark outside, so we had to go to bed.

Next day we went on a wooden train. It took a while to get to the train station, but we made it. The train ride was cool. Eventually, we were half way there and we went under a tunnel that was super long and dark. Thanks to the lights it was not so dark. See, we have a thing where we hold our breaths and see how long we can last without getting more air, but we all didn’t have enough breath to hold it in that long. It took around five minutes to get out of the tunnel. We had been in the train for an hour. When we got to the other train station, we got off and explored for a while. We walked around the town We Eventually we made are way into a museum. there were three floors, one, was the basement. One, was the first floor. Then there was the second floor. There were lots of cool things. one was a teapot that looked like it took a LONG time to make. While we were in the museum I looked out the window of the second floor and I saw a garden. We went there to the garden and saw some cool sculptures. Dad said we can get ice cream so we did. After we went to go get something to eat. Then we went to bed.

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  • Wendy says:

    The train ride sounded like a lot of fun.
    I bet you are enjoying the delicious foods in Spain.
    Glad to see that Mum is still taking you all on lots of hikes but I am sure non are as big as the one we went on!!!
    Carry on soaking in all of the beauty and culture. Looking forward to your next blog. Miss you.

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