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Yesterday we were going to friendship harbor while we were making our way to the harbor we saw at least four whales. Dad saw the first one tail went up and then go under the water. Dad yelled” whale!”. We all jumped out of what we were doing to see the whale but it turned out to be more whales! We arrived at friendship harbor. So we were going to friendship harbor until we found out it was not flat at all. There was one boat in the harbor that was going back and forth kind of fast. We went to a different location. When we got to Canouan we went to lunch at the beach after that long hour we came back to the boat. About an hour later some people came to our boat to meet us. The kid’s names where Maisy, Sam, and Finn we had lots of fun pillow fighting. I gave the suggest of teams. At the end I went swimming because it was so hot. Soon they had to leave so we had dinner and read a bit of wonder. Wonder is a book of a kid that has a deformed face and is trying to fit in middle school. After that we went to bed

Today I slept till nine while everyone was up and about making breakfast when I woke dad made bacon and we all made pancakes. After we had breakfast we had to write our blog and so here I am writing the blog. Bye. Stay tuned Che.

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