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Today we are in Bequia and we are having pancakes and bacon for breakfast. Before we got here to Bequia we saw WHALES!!!!!!! I didn’t think we would see them this far south. Also, when we were leaving Grenada we were sitting on the bow and there was a WHALE!!!! Unfortunately, no one else saw it.

Before we were in Bequia we were in Canouan. We didn’t stay there long but we stayed there long enough to meet some friends. Their names were Maisy, Finn, and Sam. After we showed them around the boat then we got into a major pillow fight. We were hitting each other with pillows but then Che came up with the idea to have teams. That idea didn’t last long for some people, but it did last long to others unlike me. Soon we had to clean up because they had to leave. Before we woke up they were gone but we will see them again later.

Now back to Bequia. There was this boat that came charging in and came right in between some French people and a charter boat. The people on the charter were swimming when he came, and he almost ran them over.  Then he got the mooring right next to the French people and they were almost touching. They would have crashed if the blue boat didn’t move. They had to put fenders up, so they wouldn’t crash. Then finally the blue boat moved so everything was fine again.


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