The Last Day on Anchor

By: Quinn Walling

Today is the last day on this trip we will have at anchor for at least half a year. ?. Tomorrow we will go to a marina and stay there for two days. But today I will tell you about what we did. So, I will tell you what we did today: we ate lunch at a restaurant and then looked at the market, which was closed. Then Dad gave us (the kids) 40 Kuna and told us we could walk around and get stuff with it. The first thing I bought was an apple cream filled doughnut, and Gherty and Che got ice cream. Then we walked down to the market and got Skittles and candy. After that we went back to the boat, but we had not put the dingy in the water so we had a guy take Gherty, Che, Lisa, and Mom back while Brandon, Dad, and I swam back. After that we played Yahtzee and I won, and that brings us to now, with Mom about to make dinner and me writing, man I’ll miss travelling…

That’s all. Bye. I really will miss traveling. This might be my last blog… EVER. Bye


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  • Wendy says:

    So dramatic, last blog ever indeed ?.
    I am so glad to see that you all spent you Kunas wisely!! You never know when you can get skittles again, maybe never !!!!!
    Well I am very glad that you are almost home, can’t wait to see you all.
    Bye for now ❤️

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