Welcome to Pula by Quinn Walling

    We all woke up and did all the morning stuff (swimming, eating breakfast, etc.) After that, we started to sail away. We sailed for roughly four hours until we got to the city of Pula. On the ride, we ate lunch and saw some dolphins, and orange and green jellyfish.

    When we got there, Dad VHFed the marina and we got into our spot. When we got in our slip, the guy who helped us tie up said that there might be a bora tonight. A bora is when all the cold wind from places go behind the mountain range and they reach the top. When that happens, it goes down the mountain at about 60MPH in the summer, and up to 120MPH in the winter. In the summer they last for fourteen hours, to three days on average. I’m not sure about the winter, though. Anyways, we went out to eat dinner, and had a good meal. When we came back, the colosseum (which is supposedly the sixth largest roman built, still standing colosseum in the world) was lit up in the night. It looked really cool with all the lights illuminating every arch, and every stone block. Afterwards, we went to sleep. Quinn, Out!

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  • Wendy says:

    Thanks for the wind info, very interesting.
    The colosseum looks amazing all lit up.
    Love reading your blogs, keep up the good work. Miss you

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