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We saw manatees. They were gray and black. Dad made us a ladder(out of string) so we did not have a hard time getting of the boat. By the time he was done with the ladder ,i saw seven manatees!! Mom said,”please read a book while i was in the shower”. i don’t want to […]

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today June ninth. We were fishing for fish and crabs by net. I caught a crab, fish and puffer fish. My sister caught jacks. i really wanted to use the fishing pole. But i couldn’t because my sister was using it. i saw a huma-huma nuca aba! Isaw a baby pigeon. The grown up […]

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today(June third) we are outside of Beaufort and saw lots of sea life. Now we are in the middle of the ocean. My brother just spotted a sting ray. Dad spotted a sea turtle . Twenty minutes after,a huge wave hit the boat! Then we found a nice place to stay,the anchorage was very nice […]