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The Striped Dolphins

By: Gherty Walling On the 22-hour trip we took we saw about 30 striped dolphins!!!!! It was so cool. One of the many reasons why it was so cool was because they would jump all the way out of the water! Dad took that picture on his phone. Quinn said it looks like the cover […]

Tough love in Menorca

I am constantly reminded that what we are doing is by our choosing and not a holiday or vacation but still a gift. Its hard to explain at times but deeply satisfying because it’s with my family and not given but earned. We took an easy trip across the Med 22 hours from Puerto Roda […]

The Voyage

While Mom and Dad were finishing up the little details, Quinn, Gherty, and I were catching animals and enslaving them in a blue bucket. We caught ten shrimp, two crabs, and one fish. What fun! We were going to leave in ten or fifteen minutes, so we had to hurry up and let them go. The […]

The First Sail

By: Quinn Walling Before we left, Mom and Dad went to the grocery store while we waited for two hours (we hadn’t eaten breakfast yet and there was no food on the boat)! When they got home, they had about five bags (No joke)! After we ate, Che and I caught some sea critters on […]

22 Hours of Sailing

by Gherty As you can see by the title, we spent 22 hours sailing here. By the way here is Cala Teulera, Menorca. But before we got here, we saw some really cool dolphins that would jump all the way out of the water!!! They were called Short-Beaked Common Dolphins. They were also really small. […]

Five Day Delay

By Che walling The last trip we stayed at an apartment that was right in front of a cool place where there was a market. Around the door was the name of the place but I don’t remember what is was called; also, above the doorway there were these little doors that at 12:00 would open and […]

Roman Ruins

By: Gherty Walling There are so many roman ruins here in Tarragona you couldn’t believe it! Not even a block from our apartment there’s a ruin. Also, there’s a big 20-foot column in the middle of a town square and next to a big cathedral there was a big crumbled building that was being redone. […]

Sometimes you need a rubber Viking helmet

We have been banging around Germany and Switzerland for several weeks now. Our backs are getting used to the heavy packs and our legs are shrugging off miles long hikes. Sure, the unplanned 9 mile (uphill both ways) slog in the Black Forest and occasional running to catch trains with full packs up crowded stairs […]