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Food and Music

Food and Music So let me start beforehand and say that we found an awesome market. So it was two stories, the top one was all different mini restaurants. To go down to the bottom floor you had to go down an escalator which led to the market. The market had all kinds of stuff. […]

The War Rooms of Malta

Date: Sunday, June 16. [This Happened A While Ago] Quinn Walling We woke up today and had breakfast, and you know, did the kind of stuff that you do in the morning. Mom eventually managed to get us to get up and go out into the town. We were currently at a marina, so the […]

The Greek Play

by Quinn Walling We hustled around the boat getting ready to see the Greek play, Le Troiane. We had been to the Greek theater before with the Ruggieri family, but not to see a play. Anyways, this time we were going there to see the play Le Troiane. We didn’t know if we could do […]

Moorish Baroque

From Giardini Naxos to Siracusa is a short sail. A few hours steam south in glassy flat waters. No high drama or heroism but some excellent dolphin show swimming on the bow and Italian Navy patrols keeping a keen eye out for overloaded migrant smuggling boats or American sailing families. We were spotted but not […]

Volcanic Surprises

So let me just start by saying exploding volcanoes are awesome! So we were at Taormina and not to far from our boat was a volcano called Etna. And Dad was sitting in the cockpit and suddenly looked over and saw red clouds coming from Etna. He called us out and we started seeing a […]

The Truman Show

I keep waiting for Ed Harris to introduce himself.  For Madame Geneva to sail to the edge of the world and peel back the sky and realize that there really was a mind behind the madness, a production of the largest and grandest scale.  The church bells are ringing in the nearby town of Taromina, […]

Summer Comes on Tuesday

Aunt Kelly Baldwin arrived in Santa Teresa di Gallura, well into the evening, long after the crew of Madame Geneva took a hike up into town to grab some lunch.  Little did we know how literal that action would be. We sat in the town square, opting for a table outside in the cold wind […]

Stranded in paradise.

Alghero. Yep! I had never heard of the town either before we arrived. The ancient walled city, replete with tourist trinkets and gelato shops yet not overrun with them, is a maze of cobblestone and terra-cotta. The sea wall keeps watch over the Med looking west and northward. Magnificent. If you’ve gotta be stuck somewhere, […]

Mistral, Mistral

She came in the night.  Merde.  Now that is a shit that I know.  Cold French winds blowing down into and beyond the Gulf of Lion. Skirts sloshing, the whistling is far away but approaching.  We are tethered together, bound one by one in front of the old stone wall in Alghero.  The water comes […]