Crossing the International Border to the Moon By Gherty Walling

   We needed to cross the international border and come back to Croatia. So we got the boat ready and set off. First we set off in a South West direction, headed for the purple line only ever seen before on a chart. Then we went across the purple line, searching for any kind of sign from the ocean that we crossed it. It was a dotted line, so I guessed we sailed in between the dots. Once we were over the dotted line we turned around on a very exciting journey right back where we came from. We saw the ocean and more ocean. Once we got back from the long journey to and from the dotted purple line, we docked. Dad went to customs and we were good in Croatia for another two years.

Kite flying

    The next day we headed out again, this time we weren’t coming back. We sailed towards the moon, and decided which crater we would anchor next to. We found ourselves in between many craters. Some had walls built from people many centuries before us. All were bare, with no vegetation besides the small clumps of grass. We took out our flippers and masks to morph into seals for a few minutes while Mom cooked up some tortellini and pork bolognese. While we were eating I looked out and saw a creature moving on one of the craters. I continued looking, there were four, no, five, no, six of them walking slowly around the shore of the crater. I took out some binoculars and saw that they were sheep.

    Next day Dad was up at six in the morning, the sun was just coming up. He walked up into the cockpit, still half asleep. Suddenly he heard Baaaaaaa from the shore. He jumped, scared. Then he realized it was just another sheep. Quinn woke up at seven but no one heard from him. Che woke up from the cord lady (Mom) reaching over him to get a cord for the fourth time. I woke up from the sound of the generator booming throughout my berth. No one knows when the cord lady woke up. Soon we set off to explore the moon. We saw more walls separating land and symbolizing how They kept the sheep from running off. We saw giant crosses made of concrete or stone on the hillside of one crater. Now we are sitting in the boat waiting to see where we’ll end up next.

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  • Wendy says:

    WOW sheep!! I thought you were going to say that one got onboard. Phew.
    I am sitting at the Tides with Gracie Henry and Evelyn and Gracie just read the blogs to us which we all enjoyed. Gracie said your adventure is so exciting. Lots of love 😘

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