Getting the Anchor Set for the Last Time

One week until home, one night until the marina, three night until the hotel. That’s our plan for today, Tuesday. Last time anchoring and jumping off the boat. Last time yelling back and forth from the other side of the boat. Wait never mind that happens when we’re docking too. Last time for Mom and Dad to make sure nobody has dislodged the anchor. About a year ago I would say last time swimming when we want to, but we do live on the beach so it’s different now. Funny how the last time we anchor we can’t get anchored the first three or so times. We kept hitting rocks and the sand was terrible which was kind of funny. Also, before we got here Juan (a seagull we named because he was the only Juan. Get it?), maybe not the actual Juan but a Juan landed on our dinghy just watching us saying goodbye. And while we were coming to where we are now, a huge pod of bottlenose dolphins came across our bow and jumped out of the water saying bye. And now there is a charter boat right next to us probably not saying bye. Now there is a big red moon out and when the sun was setting, we were howling and a bunch of dogs (and people) were joining us. Now we’re chilling with a cool breeze and broken gauges so we don’t know how much fuel or water is left. The boat is a mess and really salty and tomorrow will be lots of work. Also, Brandon and Lisa will be leaving tomarrow morning. Even though we’re all sad to be leaving, we’re happy to be going back too. I would say stay tuned but it’ll be a while…

Stay tuned for a while and see you soon, Gherty 

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  • Wendy says:

    Juan is going to miss you ?.
    Take it easy with the water as you never know!!!
    I bet you will miss the Dolphins but hey ho you are going to take me in the boat to find some when you get back, you promised.
    Counting down the hours. Miss you ?

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