Just Another Day in Italy

By: Quinn Walling

We have been at another marina for a couple days now, and I will tell you a bit about going into the city/town next to it. We have gone into town a bit, so I’ll tell you some things: It is a nice, cool town that we really like. On the sea wall there are all sorts of towers and catapults (with giant rocks for ammo), and little beaches of rocks down below.

On the beaches Gherty and I found pottery and parts of old tiles on the beach. We have checked out the town and for some reason hanging on telephone lines are birdcages colorfully painted with fake birds flying out of the birdcages. We went to a square and Che chased Gherty and I around with his claws until we all got tired. We ate dinner then went back to the boat, overall it was a good day. That was the end of that day so that’s al I’m telling you! Bye! Stay tuned! 

The End!


  • Wendy says:

    I love the colorful hanging bird houses, do the birds make nests in them? That would be cool.
    The pictures of the walls remind me of parts of England.
    I hope you found me a piece of blue pottery on the beach.
    It is very quiet here without you guys but wonderful to see pictures and read about all of your travels. Looking forward to the next blog. Miss you

  • Holiday says:

    Don’t fall Quinn into the water 🌊💧💧💧💧💧

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