The First Sail

quinn and momBy: Quinn Walling

Before we left, Mom and Dad went to the grocery store while we waited for two hours (we hadn’t eaten breakfast yet and there was no food on the boat)! When they got home, they had about five bags (No joke)! After we ate, Che and I caught some sea critters on the dock and put them in a bucket, then it was time to go! We got the boat ready for departure and took off! The boat ride was very long and eventful with animals everywhere! in the water at one point there were Portuguese Man-o-wars, another point there were tiny dolphins that jumped fully out of the water, tuna fish jumping, and regular size dolphin fins in the water! The whole boat ride was 22 hours. While on the boat ride I started and finished reading a 557-page book curled up in my blanket (because it was freezing)! After I finished the book, I was bored, and I still had about four hours to go and I couldn’t sleep. I managed to read 70 pages of a new book. When we got there, we had dinner on the boat and settled down. We are now finished, and this is the end of our first sail!


  • Wendy says:

    I am so glad to see that you are still reading but you didn’t share what?
    How cool to see the fish and Dolphin leaping, my favorite thing to watch.
    A long sail but what wonders you see. Keep up the blogs as we all love them ❤️

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