Quinn’s Blog: The First Two Days

quinnBy Quinn Walling
So, on the first day we woke up, had breakfast, and slowly we started to get ready. We packed for a few hours, then it was time to go! We got in the car and started to go to the airport; it was a long car ride. On the way we went to Leon’s for lunch. Once we got to the airport, it took half an hour for us to get through security. Then, we finally got to the boarding gate (which was B-something, I think), Mom and Dad went to a bar, while we would wait until the plane was ready, then tell them.  Once we got there, we waited for us to board the plane (which took about thirty minutes). We boarded the plane with Mom and Dad and got to our seats (I sat next to Gherty, and Che. Mom and Dad set separately from each other, and us). The kids (Che, Gherty, and I) played video games and read books until the plane ride was over (it took two hours). We got out of the plane and got to our next boarding gate. The plane would leave in two hours, and we were all hungry, so, we went to the Delta sky club. After eating, we talked to other people and did that kind of stuff until our plane was ready. We then got on the plane and watched movies until the plane ride was over. Once it was over, we got our bags from baggage claim, and rented a car. We drove to the place where our boat was, then realized it was still being worked on. Dad ended up helping the workers while Mom, Gherty, Che and I ate lunch at a pizza place. After that we went to a great candy store, it was so good!  Because we couldn’t go on the boat, we got a hotel and stayed the night. Now it is 4:25 PM and we just ate lunch. I guess that’s all. Expect more from us! Stay tuned.


  • Wendy says:

    WOW impressive first blog, very detailed, loved it. So you never said what you got from this amazing candy store ?.
    Hopefully the boat is now in tip top shape and you can get started on your next adventure.
    It is 9:15 pm here right now and I am sitting in the living room with mouse wheels spinning either side of me and Jack and the frog are sleeping. My life for the next three months ?.
    Can’t wait for your next blog, night.

    • Quinn says:

      Hi Wendy, i’m writing another blog today! it might be bigger like the last, not sure yet. anyways, hope you have a good three months! Bye! .???!

      • Wendy says:

        I am waiting in anticipation for your next blog, loved the last. Yes I am enjoying my time at your house but miss you ❤️

  • Holiday says:

    Hi Quinn ??????

  • Holiday says:

    Quinn Mack did the jumps at pirates cove but he was scared p.s they restocked at BeRTs YAYaYaaaaa

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