There’s nothing better…at least for me

We got back underway today. A trip that started in Annapolis, Maryland 3 years ago and has taken us from 45 degrees north latitude in Maine to 12 degrees north in Grenada continues.

A short trip around the southern point of Grenada to St George’s anchorage in the capital just offshore. We shook Madame Geneva down a bit sailing downwind on some rolling seas then rounding Pointe Saline and cruising upwind with flat sails fast and free at last!!!

Our girl is in great shape. All systems working and children (and parents) aglow and feeling it finally.

I’m sitting in the cockpit with the anchor firmly set. Dove it after it caught to see it buried in sand and small weeds. The kids are searching the anchorage for foreign flags and finding nothing but them. We’re all flying our Grenadian courtesy flags but yells of “I see Norway! Is that Denmark? I think so, check the book. Germany, Germany, Germany, Canada…is everyone here from somewhere freezing?? Oh, wait, BVI, France, is it cold there? I think we’re the ONLY Americans!”

Gherty, “dad, are we going to any marinas soon?”

Dad, “nope, we’ll be off the grid for a couple weeks. At least until Martinique.”

Gherty,” hooray…I love love love being at anchor!”

So, we’ll be setting off north tomorrow for a short hop up the length of Grenada, past Carriacou, and clear customs into the country of St Vincent and the Grenadines (one of my first name choices for the soul band I may start one day) at Union Island. After that we’ll spend a day back at the Tobago Cays (one of the most spectacular looking spots down here) and reach our way north to Canouan or Bequia, still parts of the Grenadines.

For Saturday into Sunday all recommendations are to be well anchored in a sheltered leeward bay. Winds are forecast to be trade winds but a ridge up north will be squeezing us and causing extremely high winds, seas building to 15 feet with the tops blowing off and all sailors with children (well most, except for some of the French heroes we know) taking cover. We’ll be holed up and safe. Lots to explore and do. The best part is that we’re finally back at it and that now, after all these years and miles, once afloat and work finished, it comes so naturally for us all.

Stay tuned. Much love.

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