We’re not on Vacation

So far we have:

Painted the bottom of the boat (3 coats), buffed the hull, reinstalled all canvas, hand stitched repair on the dodger, repaired the mainsail leach chord, repaired the Genoa leach chord, replaced the mainsail battens, galvanic bonded the entire hull (17 through hulls wired together and grounded to the keel bolts, expanded the house battery pan and replaced the House batteries bringing our house power to 840 amperes, taken the furling drum off, replaced bearings and repacked it, installed a new bow thruster cover plate that Dan and I built in charleston (which included installing new mounting hardware to the thruster, using a tube of Kelly’s lipstick to mark hole positions and drilling overhead trusting all world line up when retracted underwater…which it did!), cleaning starter battery terminals and securing the starter battery, Oh yeah, homeschooling!

Good news is that Madame Geneva is scheduled to splash tomorrow at 11. We’ll take a 5 mike hop to Le Phare Bleu marina where we’ll spend upwards of a week organizing, provisioning, cleaning and working. Oh yeah, homeschooling!

Then, at last, we’ll be off on another adventure. Kelly’s blogs will return to poetic and romantic. Mine will be from the captains perspective but I hope will be much less tedious than this one.

Regardless of the work we are together. There have been many many wonderful moments already that I can credit to our closeness. I’m so happy to be back at it and am RTG!

For our friends taking these trips with us …thanks for coming along. It’s definitely not vacation but also nothing to complain about. Right now Kelly is trying to get the kids rallied into the rental car so we can get back to the boat yard. They’ll screw around on their laptops at the bar while we get the sails back on.

I know we’re getting back into our groove since we had to demand the kids stopped reading and go for a swim to much resistance this morning. I wonder what kind of adults they’ll turn into?

Much love….

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