Che blog 6/15

Today, June fifteenth we are in Spanish Cay!  Second day we went snorkeling.  I loved it.  I saw 2 baby baracudas.  They were following us!  When we just got at the marina there were lots of sharks everywhere!! When we ran out of gas (in the motor) [not exactly…] Dad had to paddle all the way there.  It was not far.  When we got there, I got out immediately.  After we had an hour or more of swimming, we came back to get mom.

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  • Wendy says:

    I am so
    Glad you didn’t run out of gas in the middle of nowhere!!!!
    Missed seeing you on Skype tonight but we could see you off in the distance snorkeling and having a great time. Don’t get too close to the sharks and Baracudas ? Carry on having an amazing time. Miss you lots.

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